5 Website Design Tips

5 Website Design Tips

5 Website Design Tips

Keeping your website fresh and up to date is essential to setting the right impression for your audience. Think about it – your website is essentially the first thing someone sees when they’re learning about your business and services. Your homepage is your ‘storefront’ and all the pages inside your website are the different aisles people can walk down.


So put yourself in the visitor’s shoes. You’re walking (or browsing in this instance) and come across a storefront that’s outdated, missing some letters on the sign, paint is peeling off the wall outside. You’re likely to take that quick glimpse, maybe even peep through the windows, but all-in-all you don’t enter because you weren’t impressed by that first impression.


But let’s say you do enter, that whole ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ saying rings true for you. As you enter and start browsing the aisles, you’re noticing outdated products – some even expired! And the overwhelming amount of dust on the shelves has you wondering when the last time this place was cleaned up. You walk out, disappointed, not purchasing a single product. You’re so disappointed that you never return and don’t bother telling anyone about the business.


This is why having your website up to date and refreshing the look and feel every few months is so important. You want your website to reflect your business in a way that attracts business, not drive it away. You want it to impress your visitors so much that they go and tell their colleagues about it. After all, your website is one of your biggest marketing tools!


To make it easy on you, I have put together 5 simple ways to give your website a facelift. I recommend going through these every 5-6 months. If website editing isn’t your forte, hire a professional! We offer website design services and even monthly website maintenance. Click here to learn more.

  1. Update your pictures – this simple action can bring a breath of fresh air to any webpage. It will show those who return to your website that you’re actively keeping your website up to date rather than looking at photos from 10+ years ago.
  2. Check your SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ever-changing so it is crucial that you keep an eye out on trends within your niche and update your written content with key terms and phrases that consumers are searching for online.
  3. Keep your design trendy – Fashion and design trends go further than the clothing industry. Keeping your website design modern and trendy will leave the impression that you’re both modern, and tending to your website instead of ignoring it for years on end.
  4. Update your plugins – The plugins on your website are crucial to its design and functionality. If one of your plugins has recently gone through an update, you’ll need to manually apply that update through the backend of your website, otherwise, you may experience technical issues on the frontend.
  5. Remove irrelevant content
  6. If there is an old service or event that you had a page for on your website, but it’s no longer available, remove it! It’s never a good look when someone happens to stumble across an old page and ask about it, then you’re forced to say “Oh, we don’t offer that anymore”. You can learn more about deleting old content from your website here
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