Brain Tingles When Learning

Brain Tingles When Learning


So you have the nuts and bolts in place for your business, you’re empowered… You have your logo, You’ve chosen colors that vibrate and rock your world. Brain tingles when learning fuel you and now you’re ready to work on your message to the universe, your tagline, your motto. You have but a fleeting moment to make an impression, one quick glance, in mere seconds your brand must ignite and represent to the fullest. So take a deep breath… Let’s get your ING on and make it count!

Your tagline will be the key to your brand. Deciding your tagline is mind tingline and making your tagline a ‘call to action’ is enough to send your mind into a tizzy or give your brain tingles when learning and absorbing new things.


Quiet your mind and become the creator of the business you want the world to see.

It takes time to be concise.

  • Coke Is It.
  • Nike Just Do It.
  • Maxwell House – Good To The Last Drop.
  • Loreal – Because I’m Worth It.
  • Apple Think Different.

Your mind is incredibly powerful and never loses its creative force, it never sleeps. Spend some time brainstorming, toss around words and ideas with friends, write down your ideas, record them, live them, and breathe them. Some of the most memorable and impressionable revelations and ‘Ah-Ha!’ moments come in the early hours of the morning when our resistance is non-existent and our mind and spirit is open to receive.

Dreams are reflections of our vibrational frequency,  in this sleep state all momentum stops and we become free of resistance.
The mere discussions throughout the day expand and emerge into a  friction-free environment. The feeling of abundance emerges as reflections of all we spoke out loud, discussed and envisioned easily and viscerally takes on new life to become a new vibrant reality.

In this quiet state thoughts and beliefs combine into a magical, powerful surge or self realization and innate truth rises to the forefront. This quiet space allows our sub-conscious mind to reveal answers to some of the most complex thoughts in both personal and business life. All we really need to do is be in a receiving state to allow the process to blossom and emerge.

Begin the practice of image making and awaken the power of your own creations.  You are the dreamer and instructor of your perfect business and life.  Find and embrace this EASE factor and acknowedge your visions are alive and real, all they need to take form and become reality is a non-resistant state of receiving  Now that is empowering!

So before you close your eyes tonight have all your possible taglines and ideas floating around in your mind and just perhaps you will wake up in the morning with your concise and compelling tagline for your business! Good luck and sweet dreams! :O)

Need a few  little brain tingles when learning?

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