How Can SEO Help Your Business Grow?

How Can SEO Help Your Business Grow?

How Can SEO Help Your Business Grow?

In 1998 Google made their debut appearance and transformed the internet into a one-stop-shop for all the information. People use search engines for just about anything these days. In fact, it’s one of the most common ways people use the internet, making up roughly 30% of global web traffic. This means that 30% of the traffic happening on the internet starts at a search engine such as Google. But what does that have to do with advertising?

Think of it this way; if people are turning to search engines to find information for their needs and interests, wouldn’t you want to rank at the top when they search for a business similar to yours? Furthermore, wouldn’t you want to show up in a search for those who are local to you? I’ll answer both of those questions for you – yes!

Let’s put this into perspective and say that you run a spa business that sells skin care products. You’re able to sell your products online but the bread and butter of your business is in-person spa treatment, therefore your primary audience will be your local community. When someone searches “local spa” you will want to be the first to show up on that search. In order to obtain this your website needs to be rich with SEO.

Updating your entire website’s content for search engine optimization is quite the undertaking, but there are a few key things you can begin doing now to improve your SEO so that you can rank higher on local searches which in turn will bring you more local business. Here they are:

  1. Update the Alt Text on your images to include your city as a keyword. For example, “San Diego Spa” would be strong keywords to place as the Alt Text for the images on your homescreen or Services page.
  2. Include your local address and phone number of your business on all pages of your website. Search engines will often pick up snippets of content from websites, making it more likely for your business’s website to rank higher on a local search.  In most cases this is as easy as adding it to the footer area of your website as this content shows on every page of  your website.
  3. Embed a Google map of your local business to your website. This benefits you in two ways; first it will help any visitors to your website easily see where you are located. Secondly it can be a snippet that search engines pick up, helping you rank higher in local searches. (Instructions on how to embed a Google map onto your website can be found here.)

Those few tricks will definitely boost your SEO and help your rank higher in local searches. Of course, there are other ways such as optimizing your product descriptions and blog posts with keywords. Working with an expert in SEO will ensure that every piece of your website is rich with keywords that your audience would be searching for. It is an investment that can completely re-shape your local business. If you’re ready to make that investment, send me an email ( and we can discuss my Local SEO Marketing Services so you can begin to generate more foot traffic to your business’ physical location.


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