George P Kansas

Big Star Creative, Branding
The quality of the work we consistently get from Big Star is unequaled. When we have a fuzzy vision, the bold designs and support we get is helpful and provides great comfort. Knowing that by the end, every time, we’ll see something that strikes the right nerve! With the marketing collateral, for instance, it’s about knowing the material will speak for us. With the web stuff, same thing. Knowing that a particular image will powerfully represent us and stand out in a sea of visual noise, is priceless! Becky and the team at BigStar are Rockstars! When you’re in a crowded marketplace, standing out is essential. Standing out is style is priceless. The work product is perfect because it has to be. The support, the ideas, the creativity…that’s perfect because of who BigStar is. And that is priceless!  George P. Kansas | Author, Survivor, Disruptor 
lori dorman

January 7, 2016