PPC Small

$525.00 / 30 days

A PPC Small Package provides your business with a dedicated PPC specialist to Create, Manage, and Monitor your Google Adwords Campaign on your behalf.

Keyword research is used to analyze which search terms will be more beneficial for your business &  provide the best digital presence you need in both Google and its other Search Partners allowing you to grow your business with your online audience. It also includes remarketing campaigns that will target people who have already visited your site.

Each PPC Package includes free Landing Page Analysis, daily performance monitoring, reporting, dashboard integration and reporting, and Project Manager consultation.

Reporting: Monthly
Bid Optimization: Twice a week
Retargeting/GDN: Free
Landing Page Analysis: Free
Landing Page Optimization and Setup: Add $249
Google My Business Optimization (if needed): Yes
Ads on Map Search (if needed): Yes
Project Manager Consultation: Bi-Monthly


We utilize the correct platform to achieve your PPC goals. Depending on your needs, we can do Search Campaigns, utilize Google Display Network, and create Re-targeting campaigns.
        • Search Marketing Platform: Yes
        • Google Display Network: Yes
        • Re-targeting: Yes
        • Text Ads: Yes
        • Graphics Ads Creation: $99

        By analyzing your business and marketing goals, we would use the best ad extensions to boost the performance of your campaign and attract the right visitors to your site.

        Ad Extensions

        • App Extensions
        • Call Extensions
        • Location Extensions
        • Review Extensions
        • Sitelink Extensions
        • Callout Extensions
        • Automatic Extensions
        • Map Ads

        Extensive research at the start of the campaign allows us to understand your client’s business and use the right keywords tied with the best ad text to optimize your campaign. All keywords and text only deployed upon your approval.

        Search Campaign Setup

        • Keyword Research: 6 hours
        • Daily Budget Set-up
        • Ad Scheduling
        • Campaign Structuring
        • Ad Copy Creation
        • Ad Extensions
        • Set-up Report

        We monitor and optimize your campaigns constantly to increase the efficiency for each click.

        Search Campaign Management

        • Bid Optimization: Twice a week
        • Auditing
        • Bidding
        • Ad Copy Test
        • Ad Extension Management
        • Keyword Management
        • Negative Keywords
        • Report Analysis
        • Report Generation: Monthly

        For branding and re-targeting campaigns, we utilize the Google Display Network, free for medium and large campaigns. Images not included.

        Google Display Network and Re-targeting

        • Remarketing List
        • Display Ads Setup
        • Audience Creation
        • Graphic Ads Creation: Add $150

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