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We specialize in the art of creating, website designinggraphic designing, SEO optimizing and marketing!

We are an INGspiring, vibrant, Los Angeles based creative group striving to energize your ING and bring it to life graphically through world-wide-web presence, marketing and branding materials. We get your ING, It’s your passion and what makes you feel good inside and out. It’s the very thing you have the opportunity to do daily, and most likely get paid for… At Big Star Production Group we add the BLING to your ING by creating super-visual brand platforms that express your creative vision through website development, graphic design, targeted marketing and search engine optimization, (after all; Google needs to find you once the magic is complete). We love working with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and purposeful businesses owners who aspire to articulate and elevate their message through a brand refresh, new website, website redesign or an entire new look and feel.

We love creating P-o-P (ING) brand graphics that empower you creatively!

Your vision and knowledge brought to life through the Big StarING process. 

Let’s get this party started!  We’ve highlitghted the steps involved in the creation of your website buildout so you always know what to expect. Click any item noted below to read more about the Big Star flow.


Let's be visionaries and create your Big StarING brand board. Your personalized board will consist of colors, fonts, other websites that spark and interest.

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We've honed in on your passions, look and feel. Now, let's begin planning the layout of your site with a flow chart focusing on the vision of your new website.

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Let the creativity begin, stylus pen en toe, graphics assembled. We love to begin creating your opening banner graphic to establish your branding message.

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This is the technicality stage! Where all the colors, fonts, images & combination of FUN begin speaking your message in an html format for google to see and recognize.

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Testing & Delivering

TaDa! Your website has come to life on the world wide web. We will begin testing and debugging to ensure every page functions with perfect continuity before launch.

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Relax. Leave the web fuss to us. We keep your site stable, secure and clean. Updates are necessary for increased functionality, speed and performance.

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YooHoo! Google, I'm over here... We know how to get you noticed by all the search engines and have a team of Google Specialist who will get you ranking.

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Every step of website creation leads to this euphoric moment of pure bliss and the Big Star Team digs all the Oooh's and Aaaghs! Afterall, It takes teamwork!

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We love combining physical energy with creative writing through our blog posts. Some of our expressions may be personal experiences, creative, outside-the-box tirades or just random thoughts about life's journeys. We welcome your comments on any post that resonates with you.

  • January 5, 2017

    Will $4.95 Get Me 25 Miles North?

    A quiet moment getting gas this morning shifted my creative energy into a space of appreciation and absolute gratitude. The love that surrounds and the expression we can share with others effortlessly but purposefully never ceases to amaze me ......

    by becky rickett
  • January 20, 2017

    Visual Horsepower For Your Brand

    Just as #25 represents with color, YOU too have the power to represent your brand with intentional action and dedicated focus. Are you ready to embrace the unmatched return on your investment with the assistance of your graphic pit crew! ......

    by becky rickett
  • November 5, 2020

    How COVID Helped Me Improve My Cooking Habits

    I think the title should have been “How COVID Helped Me Improve My Sex Life!” the way to a man’s heart, truly is through his stomach. LOL, or, I could have gone with “How COVID Helped Me Improve My 30-Year Love Fest, that would have been fun too! Anyway,...

    by becky rickett

Get Your ING on with Big Star Production Group

We offer personalized services with a creative flair in website developoment, graphic design and SEO services. Check out more of our affordable packages on our Packag(ing) page.

  • Landing Page Creation

  • $325

    • Custom Designed Banner
    • Call To Action
    • SEO Optimized
  • Purchase Now
  • Social Banner Creation

  • $275

    • Customized Social Facebook Banner
    • Customized Social Twitter Banner
    • Customized Social Google+ Banner
  • Purchase Now
  • SEO Overview

  • $125

    • Site Audit Summary
    • 30 Min Consultation
    • Active Plan for Increased Site Recognition
  • Purchase Now
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