Angie lovella bridal owner

Angie | Lovella Bridal

Over & above our overall expectations Becky's intimately detailed approach to identifying key components of our business was impressive. She is brilliant in her ability to extend our reach to greater mass media channels stimulating visibility & expending our presence. Becky & Company has been & is...

website design for harmony health massage in breckenridge, co | Big Star Production Group | Becky Rickett

Inanna Hall

Developing the look, feel, company rebranding, and incorporating our mission has been a success story with Big Star Productions. They were listening, creatively expressing, while holding my hand and laying down pure excellence in every area of our project development. Its a true joy to...


George P Kansas | Amazing International

BigStar (Becky) work is crisp, fresh and world class in ideas, creativity and execution! Translating big ideas into visually appealing and simple "feelings" takes guts and vision. On paper and on screen, the output is priceless!...


Lori Dorman

It has been a wonderful collaborative process, easy communication and and absolute blast! Everything. The look and feel of the brand would not be the same without you. Becky is a vast sea of knowledge pertaining to positioning your site well so it is successful and...


Tina Lifford

Attentive, creative, accessible and fast! Becky is like a business partner, champion and friend rolled into one. Her keen eye and listening skill created a branded look that helped me powerfully own into my brand. I feel good about sharing my website with potential business partners....

anna kachikyan | the anna report website designed by becky rickett | big star production group

Anna Kachikyan

Becky and her Big Star Productions team will change your online presence! Before meeting Becky I was frustrated. I knew the kind of web presence I wanted but I didn’t know how to work the “backend” to attain my vision. I was tired of hearing people...


Laura Gisborne

I am glad to have you on our team. Becky is, quite simply, the best at what she does....

Image Consulting with Gayle Theodora Drake website design by becky rickett | big star production group

Gayle Theodora Drake

A very big thank you to Becky Rickett, owner of Big Star Productions. Her patience and hard work was instrumental to the success of "concept to creation". Big Star Productions caters to business owners, solopreneurs (like myself) and covers everything from graphic design to building and launching...


SpiSea Trading

Not only was your work efficient, but the quality was always the best. It was such a pleasure working with Becky! She never failed to put forth her best ideas and give 100% effort to make me satisfied. She is extremely efficient while producing top quality...


Pam Heiberg

Amazing, up a few notches for sure! Becky has a creative flair like no other. She listens to feedback and makes masterpieces!!...

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