Will $4.95 Get Me 25 Miles North?

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A quiet moment getting gas this morning shifted my creative energy into a space of appreciation and absolute gratitude. The love that surrounds and the expression we can share with others effortlessly but purposefully never ceases to amaze me. I watched a young man, barely 22, counting nickels and dimes at the counter of Chevron on Foothill Blvd in Tujunga, hoping he could put just enough gas into his bright yellow souped up chevy truck to get up the hill to Santa Clarita. Evaluating the authenticity of his ride, I would guess he’s getting 6 miles per gallon or less. From Foothill Blvd in Tujunga- destination 25 miles North- I couldn’t help but wonder…what’s after the $4.95? What happens in Santa Clarita? What is worth his last cents to get up the hill? …Young dreams? young love? exuberant hope and determination?  I asked the sweet lady at the counter to put an extra $5 in his ride.

My thought was, whatever is 25 miles up the hill, maybe another $5 of love, support, and encouragement just might be enough to propel this young mans thoughts to see beyond the here-and-now and follow his heart to go a few extra miles up the hill.

This serene moment reminded me of a quiet space in my own life when every thought, expression, ambition, hope and dream was counted out by pennies on the counter, when nickels and dimes meant the world. There’s a creative expression that takes place in all of us. We all see each other differently, uniquely, purely, in this space. As I watched this sweet young man, it made me smile. With everything inside me, I wanted to ask him if he was an artist, a singer, a musician; he truly had the coolest vibe! As a mother, I know he will be better than OK. I think what I love most about what I do is to creatively “see” you whether it be counting nickels and dimes at a Chevron counter or presenting a keynote in front of thousands. We all have energy that speaks volumes of who we are. What I love more than anything is expressing that energy graphically.

I’m a believer in sharing a small token of love whenever possible and smiling with a heart-felt spoken, “God bless you,” in moments like today, especially when no one is looking. Priceless!!!
Inspirational graphic design is what we do best!

becky rickett

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